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Upper Dean RiverMoose Lake Lodge

Fishing Many Great Fly Out Rivers, British Columbia

Steelhead caught on the Dean River
Good luck for salmon fisherman
Successful fly fishing for salmon
A Favorite fly for the Dean River
Dean River Chinook
Bright Steelhead
Good Luck
Fly Fishing
Great Steelhead & Salmon Fly
Big Chinook
Close up view of a salmon
Beautiful river salmon
Fisherman holding a successful catch
Fishing the river
Holding a huge Steelhead
Close up Steelhead
Fresh Salmon
Lucky Fishermen
Great Steelhead
Big steelhead caught by a first timer
Standing in the shoals with salmon
River rafting to catch salmon
Halibut caught in Kimsquit Bay
A couple of fishermen holding their catch
First Steelhead
Big Salmon
Rafting for Salmon
Nice Halibut from the Sea
Fishing Success
Coho Salmon
A pink salmon caught at the mouth of the Dean River
Huge Dean River Coho
Holding up a Sockeye Salmon
Two guys holding a beauty caught on the September  salmon run
Pink Salmon and Great Scenery
Big Coho
September Coho
Dean river rainbow trout
Dog is going fishing!
Another dog going fishing, this time in a boat
Dense rainforest surrounds this fisherman on the Dean River
Nice little rainbow caught on a fly
Dog - Fisherman
On the Lake
Fishing in Serene Surroundings
Nice Little Rainbow
Flying ans snow machining in winter
New foal
Fifty pound June Chinook
Floatplane at sunup
Fly Fishing the Blackwater River
Winter Fun
Future Buddy
50 lb June Chinook
Waiting for Sun up
Fly Fishing the
Blackwater River
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