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Wildlife Viewing

Tracks with claws of a bear in sand next to pebbles. The wildlife viewing and photography opportunities are common in this pristine British Columbia wilderness where there's a wide range of species and surroundings. From Moose Lake you will have the opportunity to enjoy eagles and osprey fishing, hear the loons "laughing", see families of ducks and geese swimming, hear coyotes and wolves howling and see moose feeding on the lake shore. From the Dean River Lodge there will be plenty of occasions to see eagles, mountain goats, black bears, grizzly bears, seals and deer. We have also had exciting times filming black bears, grizzly's fishing and the rare and elusive "spirit bear" of the rainforest. These bears are some of the most majestic and photogenic creatures in the world, and it is truly a stunning experience encountering them. Come and join us for wildlife viewing and photography at its finest.

A huge bear uses his teeth to carry a salmon from the water. A glossy speckled bird close up on blue water. A newly born moose calf peers at the camera.
Huge bull moose with antlers calls for females in autumn. A grizzly walks on the rocks of a river bank. Water drips off of the velvety antlers of a young bull moose.
A bear with long legs is speckled with light from leaves overhead. A pair of grizzly bears with silver tipped fur in a grassy field. Ginger bear runs up a hill among wildflowers while looking back worriedly.
A moose studies the front deck on a cabin. a black bear on rocks. A white black bear eats a salmon while perched on a rock in the river.


Peak Times
Wildlife viewing - May 20 through September

A large speckled white owl perches with its head turned backwards.

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